Breeding Fees

Rascalino stud fee (first collection included) $1600
Rascalino booking fee $500
Collection fee (for each additional collection, as needed) $185
Dry mare care board $25/day $750/month
Mare with foal at side board $29/day $850/month
Fresh semen insemination $75

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Stud fee discounts are available for Performance mares, Elite Mares, States Premium and Premium mares, multiple mares, and repeat clients. One discount takes $75 off the above stud fee. Two discounts reduce the stud fee by $150. Only two discounts are allowed per mare.

Early Payment Incentives

We offer some discounts when you pay the stud fee in full by certain dates. Inquire if there are any current discounts available to you at the time of execution of this contract.

Additional Services

Other reproductive services are available on a case-by-case basis. These services include foaling out mares and boarding and raising young horses. Please contact us for additional information.